Data Acquisition Software

General presentation

eSAM is an advanced Data Acquisition System for the Acquisition and the management of any type of environmental data (Air, Meteo, water, noise,…)

Main features

  • Data collection from many types of different types of instruments
  • Aggregations of data on customizable periods (5 mn, 10 mn, 15 mn,…)
  • Detection and management of the failures of the connected equipments
  • Supervises the states of the measures and the associated technical parameters
  • Management of alarms and threshold overruns
  • Data display on graphic and tables
  • Data centralization by the XR or WEX software
  • Included database and web server
  • Remote management of the eSAM and the instruments from an included web software
  • Data Export

Main advantages

  • Supplied with an web based program for the remote control of the DAS
  • Automatic prevalidation of the data according to the context of acquisition of the data
  • Large variety of advanced functions: Alarm management, calibration management, instant transfer of threshold overruns or of equipment malfunctions
  • Our SAMs offer the largest range of communication protocols on the market with more than 250 communication protocols representing more than 52 different models of analyzers
  • Internal database for a local storage of the data without any limit