XR-ADVAL: Automatic Data Validation Module

General presentation

Integrated in the validation tool of the XR software, the ADVAL module offers a configurable range of rules and filters to qualify the data. This rules can be applied in real-time, at data acquisition (for automatic data validation) or as a helper tool for manual data validation.



  • Provides a set of configurable validation rules
  • Real-time data validation at data acquisition
  • Automatic data backup of validated data unless user intervention
  • Analysis of archived data and proposition of validation actions to the operator
  • Can be inactivated if desired
  • Possibility to accept or refuse the propositions of the module ADVAL
  • Easy visualization of data modified by ADVAL
  • Tool to identify of measures with validation rules defined and their status : active or inactive
  • Traceability of automatic validation actions


Technical details

  • Available for Windows anf Linux platforms
  • Additional module in XR software


Main advantages

  • Improve the reliability of the data for real-time broadcasting
  • Allows for time saving during the manual validation