XR-SPC: The XR SPC module ensures the monitoring and control of the calibrations of the analyzers

General presentation

The SPC module provides statistical tools and graphs which allow rapid detection of eventual anomalies in the measurement chain. The tool is based on methods and techniques SPC (Statistical Process control) and on a wide range of charts to control the accuracy and reliability of the measurement system.



  • 8 different control charts simultaneously available for each analyzer
  • Monitors the change in the results of the automatic and manual calibrations
  • Automatic detection and notification of anomalies during data acquisition
  • Assignment of a quality code to the data value in case of detection of an anomaly in the measurement chain
  • Automatic calculation of control limits or manual input
  • Graphical display allows verification of the calibration and visualization of the historical data
  • Traceability of events: incidents, modification of the chart
  • All information is saved in the database to allow reporting on the data
  • Complete integration with the SAM range and XR


Technical details

  • Available on Windows and Linux platforms
  • Additional module in XR software


Conform with

  • NF EN 14211, NF EN 14625, NF EN 14626
  • NF X06-031-1, NF X06-031-3, NF X06-031-4
  • ISO 7870-1:2014, ISO 7870-2:2013