WEX-QAL3: Automatic calibration of the measuring devices in compliance with the QAL3 procedure of the norm EN 14181

General presentation

The SPC module provides statistical tools and graphs which allow rapid detection of eventual anomalies in the measurement chain. This module is integrated into the WEX software and relies on a wide range of charts strongly recommended by the regulations.



  • Management of calibrations: planning, configuration of profiles and phases
  • Integration and management of automatic and manual calibration results: invalidation, deletion, input, import/export of data
  • Large range of choice of control chart: SHEWHART, SHEWHART, EWMA, CUSUM,…
  • Simultaneous application of different control charts for each measure
  • Automatic calculation of control limits or manual input
  • Automatic detection and notification of anomalies during data acquisition
  • Adjustment of the qualification of the data in case of detection of an anomaly in the measurement chain
  • Graphical and tabular display of calibration results and historical data
  • Traceability of events: incidents, modification of the chart, modification of the target
  • All information, data, messages are saved in the database to allow reporting on the data
  • Graphics: customizable, zoom and scrolling
  • Complete integration with the iséo DAS range and XR software


Technical details

  • Additional module available for WEX software


Compliance with

  • EN 14181
  • ISO 7870-1:2014, ISO 7870-2:2013
  • NF X06-031-1, NF X06-031-3, NF X06-031-4