WEX-RED: Automatic management of failover of analyzers and backup system for the WEX software


The WEX-RED solution uses fully configurable redundant and replication technology which enable automatic management of the redundancy of bays of the analyzers and of the WEX server.



Management of the redundant bays of the analyzers

  • Autopilot of the MVS system connected to the analyzer bays
  • Monitoring of the states of the analyzer bays (active, comparison, forcing)
  • Multiplexing of the measures in the primary and redundant bays in function of the state of the MVS system 
  • Traceability of activation of the redundant bays and display of these events in supervision

Redundancy of the WEX Server

  • Backup system synchronized in real time with the main server
  • Automatic activation of the backup server
  • Monitoring of the availability of the system (CPU, memory, database…)
  • Monitoring of communication network with the devices and the data acquisition
  • Manual or automatic failover


Technical details

  • Additional  Module available for WEX


Main advantages

  • Ensures regulatory constraints are met regarding the availability of measures
  • Provides an effective and operational solution for the various hardware architectures irrelevant of the configuration of the industrial site