About us


The company


  • A reference for environmental information systems
  • More than 30 years of experience in environmental monitoring
  • A strong team of qualified engineers to implement all technical aspects of your project
  • Reliable products tested and installed worldwide recognized for quality of service
  • A global presence with the group ENVEA

The team

Almost 30 people at your service dedicated to your needs. Including competences in information technology, electronics, meteorology and processing of environmental data, the company is present in France (Bidart, Poissy) and the Benelux.

ENVEA, the establishment based in Bidart, create products dedicated to processing environmental data for the entire group.

History(with the group)

Since its inception in 1990, iséo is focused on monitoring of the quality of air ambient providing tools dedicated to data acquisition, managing installations and data processing

Thanks to continuous evolution and innovation, the excellence of our solutions and the quality of our products, our network of clients in Europe and the Middle East continues to grow.

With integration to the group in 2007, ENVEA augments its range of products for monitoring emissions and reinforces its presence in the five continents worldwide.

Our know how

Our environmental expertise extends to European and international regulations for control of measurement techniques, emissions processing and the contextual analysis of the data. The spectrum of technical competences is vast with expertise in technical tools (systems, databases, interfaces), network communications and web technology.

Our expertise is highly recognized in the areas of acquisition of data with continuous connectivity and information processing (validation, reporting, transmission).

Our commitments

Préserver L'avenir

Protect the future

Air pollution, contaminated water, spoiled landscapes, toxic waste, noise pollution, greenhouse effect.. all the factors that threaten the world we live and the world of our children.

The environment, the climate and lifestyle have become subjects which concern everyone. The progress and development of industrial companies now depend on how environmental issues are handled.

Surveiller notre environnement

Monitoring  our environment

To analyze the risks, deliver accurate and reliable data, educate and alert the public, it is necessary to continuously measure the quality of the environment.

The complexity of the techniques employed requires experience in the professional environmental field and in-depth knowledge of metrology and the installation of monitoring networks, as well as skills in information systems.

Maîtriser nos rejets

Controlling industrial emissions

Monitoring emissions allows us to access and manage risks, assure conformity to with regulations whilst improving the quality of the environment and sharing quality information.

Operating constraints, compliance with international regulations and treatment of effluents requires high-performance and adapted tools.

Décider et agir

Decisions and reactions

Current and future social challenges must be addressed from both a humane and technological point of view.

If to be informed accurately and reliably is necessary for rapid and effective action, predicting and anticipating remains essential to take decisions wisely and sustainably.

New technologies should contribute to the good of our society by providing and coordinating all decision-making tools for cities of the future.

Our values


The ultimate creative value: the desire of our teams to learn more and engage - fundamental in the technical areas addressed that are an integral part of our corporate culture.


Because each situation is different and each client is unique, the iséo team brings the most relevant solutions to issues related to environmental monitoring.


Focusing on partnerships, accompanying you in your project from design to implementation, our goal is to provide all means possible to carry it out and sustain it. The creation and provision of a technical product is nothing without the right service that ensures sustainable use.